Gordons Astronomy

Photoshop White Adjust

Use the Eyedropper tool (Color Sampler type) and pick a point in your picture that's the brightest and use the Eyedropper tool to Option Click that spot for white adjustment. Now look at your Info window and check the numbers. They should read high. Open the Levels Adjustment window and select RED and move the white triangle at the bottom of the window down until it just reads 255. STOP at 255! Going any further won't make it whiter, so find the toggle point where it stops and leave it there, at 255.

Now select GREEN from the pull down window selector and do the same thing. Adjust the white slider adjustment until G (in the info window) reads 255 and STOP! Don't go any farther.

Lastley, select the blue and do the very same thing. Adjust the white adjustment triangle until B reads 255 and again stop!

Now, the White point is set. You can do a COMMAND "Z" to toggle between before and after white adjust to see the difference.