I am impressed with the POD. It arrives in 4 gigantic boxes with everything, even a DVD showing you what to do! The DVD doesn't play on my home DVD player but works on the computer, so it was no problem. All the hardware comes in one box. In one box, 3 walls ae sent. In another, the same. The reaally big boxes hold the dome parts. It's just a matter of getting it all out and screwing them together. Easy! The only hard part for me, was getting the Dome pieces on. My wife wasn't strong enough to lift them with me so I got another man to help. They set just right! And they turned OK.

Here's a picture of the POD going up together. First I put up the walls and screw them in together.

The next thing to do is get the tops together and fasten 4 screws to get them ready for mounting.

The only thing wrong with the POD is looking for a star straight above the viewer. It's very hard to see a star directly above!

Here's picture of the walls together with the door.

I might mention that the wheels on top of the walls is held in place by a fiberglass rod! Very strong!! They work well.

And finally, lift the tops onto the walls and it's a done deal!

So far, it's rained very hard and the inside is very dry! The only complaint I have is that you can't see anything directly overhead! No matter what anyone says you just can't see stuff overhead. But everything else, yeah. No problem! I am VERY pleased with the POD! It's a Must Have as far as I'm concerned.